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A show created to inform listeners on the important aspects of health, wealth and happiness to ensure you live life to its fullest. Your host, Jason Hartman, interviews top notch authors and gurus in the field to reveal expert advice. Guest include: Dr. Charles Tandy, David Ewing Duncan, Dr. Joseph Maroon, Dr. Edmund Chein, Dr. Michael Mosley, Matt Fitzgerald, Dr. Norman Shealy, Ari Tulla, Budge Collinson, Luis Tijerina, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Brett Osborn, Ted Anton, Patrick Cox, Jenny Craig, and many more.
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May 10, 2017

In this is 10th episode, Jason Hartman talks with the long-time friend of Bill Clinton, Dolly Kyle. Dolly’s new book Hillary the Other Woman is based on her decades of experience being Bill’s personal friend and lover. Dolly describes the Hillary as an aggressive liar, a controlling grandmother type and a crony of all the top players in Washington and the media. Dolly says a Hillary presidency would be dangerous to all Americans and people should inform themselves before voting. She also shares the numerous lawsuits and scandals which should have rocked the Clinton dynasty but instead the media chooses to remain quiet.

Key Takeaways:

[2:21] Dolly met Billy at a very young age. When he went off to college Billy told her she was a distraction and she should marry someone else.

[5:33] In January of 1974 Billy and Dolly reconnected to start their adult relationship.

[7:21] Bill Clinton was dating Dolly, Hillary and Marla Crider at the same time.

[9:37] Dolly and Billy still communicate when they both are in Arkansas.

[10:32] Bill Fulbright introduced Bill Clinton to the money people who would fund his congressional run.

[14:38] When Dolly met Hillary for the first time she was shocked.

[19:01] Are the stories true about Hillary vilifying Bill’s girlfriends?

[20:33] Dolly believes Bill raped Juanita Broaddrick.

[27:02] Hillary made an investment in cattle futures and benefited through cronyism.

[30:14] Hillary Clinton obtained 900 files about people in Washington. It’s known as Filegate.

[34:08] Dolly Kyle’s book includes 11 pages of people the Clinton’s have harmed and an entire chapter on how they manipulate the media.

[39:36] America was not meant to be a country of political dynasties.

[41:03] Of Dolly Kyle’s 768 book reviews on Amazon, 80% are positive.

[42:18] The story of Danny Williams should be getting more traction in the media.


Hillary the Other Woman

“The Clinton Truth Suppression Technique hides a lie amongst complexities.”

May 4, 2017

Fernando Aires talks with Jim Poole, President and CEO of Solace Lifesciences, about their product NuCalm. NuCalm is designed to aid in managing stress and sleep and is used by many professional athletes, as well as cancer patients. The two discuss how the system works, what state NuCalm tries to get your body into, whether there are any side effects, and more.

Jim travels 250 days a year to bring NuCalm to as many people as he can, and he uses NuCalm every day he's on the road. They've worked with MMA fighters, 25 professional teams, Olympians, golfers, tennis players, boxers, and other athletes to help them gain a mental edge on their opponent.

Key Takeaways:

[2:34] What is NuCalm and how does it work?

[6:56] The 3 manners in which we achieve parasympathetic nervous system dominance

[9:20] What a session of NuCalm consists of

[12:55] Reaching the alpha and theta zone

[15:49] NuCalm's role for cancer patients

[19:19] The impact NuCalm can have on professional athletes

[24:58] The concept of NuCalm is to be a tool so we can effectively manage stress and improve sleep without drugs

[27:04] Whether NuCalm has any side effects or dependency issues

[30:44] NuCalm pricing and where/how you can get it


"We're not in balance with ourselves, we're not in balance with our families, the world is out of balance."

Apr 26, 2017

Dr Christopher Exley is enamored with aluminum. So much so that he has become one of the leading experts on the topic. Jason Hartman talked with Dr Exley about how it's possible that the 3rd most abundant element that makes up our Earth's crust can be harmful to life. Over the past 30 years, Christopher has looked into whether silicon is the reason aluminum hasn't been destroying biology.


Dr Exley's Keele University Profile

Apr 20, 2017

Fernando Aires talks with Beyond Verbal's CEO Yuval Mor about their ability to use technology to diagnose health issues. Beyond Verbal is working on technology that uses voice intonations to identify potential maladies, changes in emotion, and the potential uses the technology can be used for in smartphones, cars, and other venues.

Key Takeaways:

[3:23] How you can gain meaning out of voice intonations

[9:13] The corrolation between voice analysis and your health

[15:38] Yuval's collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, and why they use the voice to diagnose

[19:27] How the market is reacting to Beyond Verbal

[24:16] Where Beyond Verbal is getting their voice samples to aid their research

[29:14] What technology being able to understand voice intonation could mean


Moodies Emotions Analytic App on iTunes Store

Moodies Emotions Analytic App on Google Play

Apr 13, 2017

Jason Hartman talks with Lawrence Levy, former Pixar Chief Financial Officer and author of To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History, about how he has melded Eastern philosophies with Western business practices. The two delve into ways to break out of times when you're stuck, how Lawrence helped Pixar become more than a small graphics company, and how to actually get yourself started so that you live a happier life.

Key Takeaways:

[1:57] How Lawrence is able to meld Western business ideas with Eastern philosophies

[7:13] What we don't know about ourselves, and how to find it

[9:28] When Lawrence joined Pixar, and how the company was floundering with no money, no identity, and had Steve Jobs paying for payroll out of his own pocket

[12:07] What the "middle way" is

[15:52] We are constantly measuring ourselves, but we can't solely focus on measurements

[17:56] What the initial challenge is when you're looking to follow your heart


Apr 5, 2017

Fernando Aires talks with Angela Martinucci, founder of Mind Balance. Angela is a breast cancer survivor who discovered NeurOptimal during her recovery from cancer treatments and surgery. Her results were so amazing that she decided to bring the technology to as many people as she can.

Key Takeaways:

[2:21] What is NeurOptimal?

[6:18] The hardware NeurOptimal uses

[7:19] How often people use NeurOptimal

[9:35] NeurOptimal can help kids with ADHD

[13:51] How NeurOptimal helped Angela during her battle with breast cancer

[17:11] Whether there are any negative side effects

[19:37] How much it costs and the various platforms available


Mar 30, 2017

Jason Hartman talks with Brian M Delaney, author of The Longevity Diet and President of the Calorie Restriction Society. The two discuss whether cutting calories can lead you to a longer life, how to deal with the hunger that will ebb into your life, and new study information that is teaching us more about our bodies.

Key Takeaways:

[0:35] Living longer by cutting calories?

[4:47] Why glucose can be so concerning

[6:35] If our bodies are so hungry after a hard workout, that can't be bad can it?

[10:49] The importance of body types throughout man's history

[15:18] The most important things to know about The Longevity Diet

[19:03] A new theory on hunger


The Longevity Diet

Mar 22, 2017

Fernando Aires hosts this episode of The Longevity Show, and talks with the medical director at The Clinic at Bulletproof Labs, Dr. Scott Sherr. Scott is a certified medical physician, and certified in hyperbaric oxygen medicine. The two discuss the opening of the new lab inside of Bulletproof Labs, how much more effective IV/IM injections can be, quality control, hyperbaric therapy, and more.

Key Takeaways:

[2:28] How Dr Sherr's company is working with Bulletproof Labs in their space in Santa Monica

[5:32] The importance of bioavailability, and how much effective doing it via IM/IV method is compared to oral methods

[8:05] Why fat/water solubility doesn't matter when you do supplements via IM/IV

[10:38] How Dr Sherr's company makes their signature cocktail, and why it's important

[14:39] The amount of quality control that's done before each cocktail is released to the public

[19:20] How to properly measure the results of the cocktails

[22:32] What hyperbaric therapy is and the benefits it provides

[25:42] When Dr Sherr's lab will open


Mar 16, 2017

Jason Hartman is joined by Dr Allen Francis to discuss how important changing diagnosis methods in the US has been, and the general trend in drug usage it has produced. The number of people currently dependent on things like anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and anti-psychotic drugs, is beyond comprehension. Dr Frances tries to help Jason understand exactly what we're facing.

Key Takeaways:

[1:50] Current usages of anti-depressants or psychological medicines in America are incredible

[3:50] Drug companies are targeting consumers, causing them to ask for (and receive) billions of dollars in unneeded prescriptions.

[7:40] Dr Frances hopes that prescription drug usage will follow the trend line smoking has been on for the last 20 years.

[9:10] Simply paying primary care doctors more would allow them to give each patient more time, and would probably transform medical standards in the US.

[13:20] Our current ‘let’s hope for the best’ mindset has only caused more problems

[15:15] After mass shootings we always talk about gun violence, but ignore the issue of what drugs the shooters had been taking

[17:00] Comparing medical systems of other countries (such as Egypt) to the USA shows some pretty unflattering results

[19:00] DSM-5 turns simple issues into huge diagnosable health concerns.

[20:55] Current guidelines have led to specialists seeing their specialty in every patient


Mar 9, 2017

Ira Pastor is the CEO of Bioquark. He has 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including pharmaceutical commercialization, biotech drug development, managed care, distribution, OTC, and retail. Before joining Bioquark, Ira served as VP of Business Development for the Phytomedics Inc., bringing in $40 million of private equity and over $50 million of licensing deals.

Ira joined host Fernando Aires in this episode to talk about Bioquark's current research into making our bodies regenerate like other organisms in order to avoid all the trouble that can be created by introducing foreign bodies into our ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

[1:32] How Bioquark works

[3:38] Why humans aren't able to regenerate parts like "lower" organisms

[8:59] What triggers in the body cause regeneration to start?

[11:38] If Bioquark is tapping into our youthful regeneration to make our bodies heal faster

[15:57] The types of problems Bioquark is designed to solve

[19:36] How is it possible to bring people back from the dead?

[23:11] If they are currently doing any clinical research for recovering braindead patients

[27:49] Where the money for their research and development is coming from

[28:15] The biggest challenges facing Bioquark's work


Mar 1, 2017

Geoff Woods, inspired by Jim Rohn's quote "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with", decided to spend his time with high level CEOs and entrepreneurs. That determination led him to become Vice President of The ONE Thing. Geoff is turning Gary Keller's best selling book, The ONE Thing, into a business. The mission of the business is simple, teaching people to truly focus in on their life and begin to do more by doing less.

Key Takeaways:

[2:42] What "The ONE Thing" is

[6:24] One of Geoff's examples of his "most important thing"

[10:13] If Gary's multiple business ventures are going against the idea of "ONE thing"

[13:30] How to implement your one thing in your life

[16:50] It takes 66 days to make a habit stick

[19:15] Consuming content is great, but you have to take action


Feb 22, 2017

Genae Girard sued Myriad Genetics, and her victory may have changed the course of humanity. Genae was the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against the U.S. Patent Office and Myriad Genetics. Myriad had been allowed to patent human genes connected with breast and ovarian cancer, and also allowed to monopolize the testing procedure.

When Genae was diagnosed with having a cancer causing gene in her 30s, she wanted to get a second opinion. That was when she discovered that only one company (Myriad) could do the test, and they weren't going to redo it. The US government had been allowing companies to patent genes, and Genae's victory have voided many of the patents that were pending.

The UNANIMOUS Supreme Court decision declared it unconstitutional to patent anything that exists in nature. The justices also reprimanded Myriad by creating an environment that hurt every woman with the same diagnosis, and for making decisions that hurt potential healthcare for those impacted.

Feb 16, 2017

Dr Allan Hamilton began his working career as a janitor, but he sure didn't stay one. From scrubbing floor and emptying trash cans, Dr Hamilton moved on to graduating from Harvard Medical School and finishing his neurosurgical residency at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He now has Professorships at the University of Arizona in Neurosurgery, Radiation Oncology, Psychology, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

He's written over 20 medical textbook chapters, 50 peer-review research articles, and worked on the editorial board of several medical journals. He is also a decorated Army officer, serving in Operation Desert Storm.

Fernando speaks with Dr Hamilton about technological uses for our medical care, the power of the mind, and his book Zen Mind, Zen Horse - The Science and Spiritualilty of Training Horses.

Key Takeaways:

[4:08] Why Dr. Hamilton hates the phrase "dummy medicines"

[7:52] Stopping your intellect from hampering your hope, and creating "intention"

[11:42] How the evolution of bicycles, and the creation of the market for mountain bikes, is a perfect example of putting the intention out there

[15:35] What things Dr Hamilton is working on currently to extend life

[18:51] Whether Dr Hamilton is concerned that the move toward quantified self will lead to more self diagnosis

[22:07] The possible amazing implications technology can bring to healthcare

[25:54] Dr Hamilton's ties to Gray's Anatomy


Feb 9, 2017

Certified Nutritionist Mira Calton is the author of, “RICH FOOD POOR FOOD: The Ultimate Grocery Purchasing System.” Mira has five tips and 20 fruits and vegetables that should always be purchased organic. While food labels may say “natural”, the contents actually may not be as “natural” as you may think.

Mira Calton is a Licensed Certified Nutritionist, and is Board Certified in Integrative Health. Mira became interested in nutrition because of personal experience. Before entering the nutritional spotlight, she owned and ran her own PR firm in Manhattan with a specialization in high-end fashion, film, and restaurant promotion. Her was put on hold when she was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis at 30. Unable to continue running her firm, Mira searched outside of the traditional medical community to find a cure to her diagnosis. Her search led to Orlando, Florida, where she met nutritional guru, Jayson Calton. Working together, the two created a drug-free, micronutrient based program, which completely reversed Mira’s advanced osteoporosis, and inspired them both to make micronutrient deficiency the focus of their lives.


Feb 1, 2017

Fernando Aires talks with The First Lady of Nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman about diabesity, how "fat is where it's at", helping your body beat toxins, and more.

Ann Louise Gittleman was the very first to realize and tell everyone that obesity and diabetes was actually created by a lack of the right type of fat and too much of the wrong kind of carbohydrate. In 1997, Ann was the first nutritionist writing about the dangers of gluten, and stood alone in proclaiming that one diet doesn't work for every body.

Key Takeaways:

[2:34] The areas of study Ann has been involved in during her career, and how her mentor impacted her

[6:49] How Dr. Robert Atkins pushed the establishment and was critical to changes in nutrition

[10:30] What you need to do to clean out your live and the right type of bile

[13:36] If sugars and grains are real foods

[18:06] What is the supplement Asea?

[22:10] Whether Ann has any concerns about using glutathione supplements

[26:52] What supplements Ann believes we should be taking


Jan 26, 2017

Today’s approach to good health is constantly shifting with new research and awareness. The FDA makes changes to the food pyramid when new studies show many of the quantities and foods in the food groups are not as healthy as once believed. Jason Hartman interviews Matt Stone, independent author and health researcher of Matt shares how incredibly misinformed people are about many conditions and diseases, such as obesity, Type II diabetes, allergies, heart disease and cancer. Matt tells about how restrictive diets don't impact metabolism like you'd expect, Vitamin D deficiencies, and other common health mistakes. After years of research, Matt has come up with the “180 Degree of Opposites”:
– Eat more, exercise less.
– Saturated fat is the healthiest type of fat
– For treating obesity, the best diet is a high calorie diet
– Saturated fat is the best fat for reducing heart disease risk
– Carbohydrates are Good for Type 2 Diabetics
– Spend more time in the sun, without sunscreen
– Heredity has much to do with our health problems, but has absolutely nothing to do with genes
– Germs do not cause disease, poor health does

In 2005, Matt launched an independent investigation into human health through disciplines as diverse as nutrition, exercise, the culinary arts and traditional agriculture, to paleopathology and psychoneuroendocrinology. When he learned that current food beliefs are not sensible nor are they in line with history, 180DegreeHealth was born; as the name implies, Matt is trying to make society do a 180 to our standard health advice and a 180 on the alarming health trends of today, including the dramatic and exponential rise of obesity, type II diabetes, tooth decay, crooked teeth, mental disorders of all kinds, autoimmune disease, allergies and asthma, heart disease, cancer, early puberty, and even nearsightedness.


Jan 19, 2017

Maria Whalen is the world’s leading authority on invincible wellness™. Maria fights for personal health freedom, sustainability and independence in all things. Her system strives to create autonomy for your health, finances, business and lifestyle. Maria invented the revolutionary Invincible Wellness™ System that gives each of us the power to handle almost anything when it comes to our health.

Maria’s Invincible Wellness™ System counteracts, disrupts and dismantles the outdated and obsolete approach of both western and alternative systems of healthcare and treatment. She works with entrepreneurs; leaders and titans of the business world; doctors; lawyers; and people just like you, to make you totally independent of the broken “sick care system.”

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] What the Invisible Wellness System is

[7:15] What Maria considers "biohacking" to mean

[12:30] The 5 places your body operates from

[17:25] How you can actually heal your ailments

[21:20] What process Maria takes you through on your journey to health

[25:00] Maria's gift to the listeners


Jan 11, 2017

JJ Virgin is a celebrity nutrition and fitness expert, as well as a four-time NY Times bestselling author. She and Jason Hartman got together to discuss JJ's ventures into biohacking through diet,

Key Takeaways:

[1:54] How JJ got started in the biohacking business

[6:50] How movies like Concussion have brought awareness to head injuries, but have also led to people labeling head injuries as "football things" and not realizing the dangers in other activities

[10:10] Whether we are on the verge of major breakthroughs in longevity and healthspan advances

[13:15] How having good relationships is an important lifehack

[18:40] One thing that made a huge difference to JJ when her son was laid up in the hospital after his horrific accident.

[22:40] Why JJ thinks we need to not coddle our kids, and how we're doing them a disservice

[25:30] Making your goals stick, rather than just being a wish


Jan 5, 2017

Kristin Comella is a world renowned expert on regenerative medicine, with an expertise in stem cells. She was listen in Terrapin’s list of the Top 50 Global Stem Cell Influencers and was number 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators. Kristin has led the way in stem cell therapies from a variety of sources, including cord blood, bone marrow, muscle, and adipose.

Kristin led the team that gained the first ever FDA approval for a clinical trial using a combined cell and gene therapy product in the heart. In addition, she also handles managing the development, manufacturing, and quality systems of cellular products.

Kristin has held positions in several companies including US Stem Cell, Stemlogix, Tulane University and Osiris Therapeutics. She was co-founder and CEO of Stemlogix, and is currently serving as the Chief Scientific Officer, and board member, of US Stem Cell, focusing on the discovery, development, and commercialization of autologous cell therapies for the treatment of degenerative diseases.

Key Takeaways:

[4:15] How the body uses stem cells inserted into the body

[7:25] A surprising place a mass of stem cells can be found

[12:20] Why stem cell therapies have been gaining traction in the past few years

[15:40] The typical price range of stem cell therapy

[18:20] Whether Fernando's decision not to bank his child's cord blood was a mistake

[23:30] Using stem cell therapy for aesthetic purposes

[26:40] How US Stem Cells can verify the results of therapy


Dec 29, 2016

After a cancer scare, where researchers questioned him about his exposure to chemicals from common household items such as weed killers, glue, detergents, plastic meat wrap, etc, McKay Jenkins started doing his own research on the toxins that are getting into our bodies and environment. Jason Hartman and McKay Jenkins discuss what McKay found that led him to write his book, What’s Gotten into Us? Staying Healthy in a Toxic World.

Before his surgery for a benign tumor in his abdomen, McKay came across many people with various types of cancers and started wondering just how many chemicals we’re exposed to every day. The number was staggering. The toxins are all over. Leached into our environment and ingested through our air, food, water, and numerous household items and lawn care products. Even samples of our water show pharmaceuticals; mattresses contain neurotoxins that break down over time; children’s clothing contains flame retardants; many pots and pans are coated with Teflon. And that's just a start. Body burden studies that are designed to reflect the amount of toxins in a person’s body reveal high levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in blood samples.

McKay talks about the lack of regulations written in the interest of large corporations rather than protecting consumers. Corporatocracy want consumers to shop without thinking; putting chemicals that are ILLEGAL in Europe into cosmetics here in the USA. Warning labels aren't required on cosmetics, yet the same degreaser found in the hardware store carries a warning lable.

In addition to his book, What’s Gotten into Us, McKay is the author of several other books. He is also the editor of The Peter Matthiessen Reader (Vintage, 2000), an anthology of the American nature writer’s finest and most enduring nonfiction work. McKay holds degrees from Amherst, Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, and Princeton, where he received a PhD in English. He has also written for Outside, Orion, The New Republic, and many other publications.


Dec 22, 2016

Jason Hartman talks with Clint Emerson, a best selling author and author of the new book 100 Deadly Skills. He's also a retired Navy SEAL with 20 years of service. Clint graduated from the American Military University in Virginia with a B.A. in Security Management. He is also Founder and Managing Partner of Escape the Wolf, LLC. The company focuses on workplace violence prevention and crisis management. He is also the founder of Zero Trace Products.

Key Takeaways:

[2:48] Why knowing elusive skills is important for everyone

[7:05] The things that Clint ALWAYS has on him (in his shoes) in case of capture

[11:25] Looking for the "X" and what to do to avoid and get away from it

[15:30] Techniques to use to help you escape

[19:00] Escaping from a trunk

[23:40] What to do when you've actually escaped


Dec 14, 2016

Fernando talks with Justin Brost, President at Energetic Fitness Systems, about their products which can infuse bio-compatible energy into the human body. This has the effect of energetically balancing the individual, allowing the body to function optimally.

The Energetic Fitness Systems™ Project was launched many years ago. The original concept for the technology was “invented”, or conceptualized by Nicola Tesla in the late 1800’s. Energetic Fitness System™ has further developed and modernized this technological concept.

Energetic Fitness System™ offers two models that are SAFE, EASY & SIMPLE TO USE. Users are insulated from electrical current using only the most modern and highly developed components available.

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] The progression of Energetic Fitness System's product

[8:18] What a PEMF machine is

[13:20] What improvements they've made to Tesla's investions

[17:50] The drop in energy output in the world

[21:00] How you measure the energy field of the world

[27:10] Potential side effects from the device

[31:20] How much the machine costs and where you can get it

Website: (enter code ENERGYHACK123 for 10% discount on items purchased through 12/31/16

Dec 8, 2016

The United States is ranked No. 49 in healthcare by the World Health Organization – below some so-called third world countries. Why is this? According to Dr. Harvey Bigelsen, author of Doctors are More Harmful Than Germs: How Surgery Can Be Hazardous to Your Health – And What to Do About It, nearly all surgery is elective surgery, and germs do not cause disease. Most doctors focus on treating illness and disease with surgery and drugs, “fixing” rather than curing patients. Join Jason Hartman as he interviews Dr. Bigelsen regarding his more nontraditional approach to medicine. Listen in for a discussion of Dr. Bigelsen’s simple, if radical approach to healing chronic inflammation, why germs do not cause disease, and how even so-called “non-invasive” surgeries and procedures can harm you. Learn what Biological Medicine is and how it differs from alternative, functional medicine and modern scientific medicine, and why the AMA and Big Pharma are threatened by non-traditional medicine.

Harvey Bigelsen, M.D., served his country in Vietnam as a commanding officer in charge of mass casualties and as a trauma surgeon. He had a successful ophthalmology practice in Princeton, New Jersey, before moving to Arizona and following a more nontraditional medical philosophy. He co-authored the Arizona Homeopathic Medical Practice Act, and was appointed by then Governor Babbitt to establish a board, and while acting as president, to set the standards for holistic medicine. The law gave homeopathy equal legal status with allopathic and osteopathic medicine. He continues to consult in Nevada City, California. Bigelsen is no stranger to controversy. For more than thirty years he has been bucking the medical establishment with his more nontraditional or Lamarckian approach to medicine, and he has paid a price for his opposition. But this trailblazing medical maverick has refused to be silenced, doggedly advocating an approach to health that avoids unnecessary surgeries and drugs.

Though he trained as a medical doctor and surgeon, Dr. Bigelsen grew frustrated by his inability to help patients through the traditional methods of Western medicine. Dr. Bigelsen’s work is based in biological medicine, and involves a revolutionary approach that evaluates every patient as an individual, and develops a rational therapeutic plan based on his/her past medical and surgical history. He believes that if the patient is not getting better, it is the practitioner’s fault, because “miracles only happen when you know what you are doing.” This philosophy has been the foundation of Dr. Bigelsen’s work and drives him to find the real cause of each patient’s unique problems. Only when a cause is found, can one find a cure.

Website Mentioned:

Dec 2, 2016

Philip Moeller is an award-winning financial journalist, author and entrepreneur. He also has written “Get What’s Yours for Medicare: Maximize Your Coverage, Minimize Your Costs,” which is designed as a companion volume to Get What’s Yours for Social Security.

Phil tackles aging and retirement issues for Money Magazine and PBS in his “Ask Phil” column. He is a research fellow at the Center on Aging & Work at Boston College, and also co-author of “How to Live to 100,” a U.S. News & World Report e-book.

Phil founded, an Internet pioneer that became the leading online provider of consumer insurance information. He sold that business and later was a corporate communications executive for a Fortune 500 financial services firm. He then returned to journalism as a Contributing Editor at U.S. News & World Report, where he wrote The Best Life column on retirement and successful aging from 2008 to 2013. Phil graduated from Princeton University and has a master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, where he also taught.

Key Takeaways:

[2:50] The importance of maximizing Social Security and Medicare, and why that's critical to your longevity

[6:00] Things Medicare will pay for that help you extend your life

[11:35] If there's a right time to claim Social Security benefits

[16:10] Some unexpected behavioral actions that impact your health

[20:10] Some secrets to happiness


Nov 23, 2016

If you read the drug information included with any medication a doctor prescribes for you, there is usually a long list of possible side effects, including some that make you wonder if taking the medication is worth the risk. In recent years, anti-depressants have come under attack for their overuse for various disorders and associated risks in various groups. Jason Hartman interviews psychiatrist, Dr. Peter Breggin about how pharmaceutical companies have promoted that depression and anxiety attacks and many other mental disorders and illnesses are based on chemical imbalances and that this pill or that pill will take care of the problem.

Dr. Breggin talks about how our own internal resources for overcoming challenges are discarded in exchange for a pill. He expresses that happiness and optimism are key elements in successfully facing life’s difficulties, but in this day and age, apathy from being over medicated is setting in and restricting people’s ability to manage their own emotions. Studies have shown that anti-depressants have long-term risks. Dr. Breggin claims drugs given for bi-polar disorder are nothing more than a scam. He goes on to explain that the way the drugs are supposed to work actually creates a chemical imbalance that the brain does not like, leading to unnatural changes, basically causing damage to the brain. Dr. Breggin’s focus is teaching people the high risks of medications that alter the brain’s natural functions, and helping people to learn to take control of their own mind to overcome depression, panic attacks and other mental disorders. He points out that the brain is so complex that it even has a blood/brain barrier that is supposed to keep out things that can alter the psyche of the brain, meaning psychiatric drugs have to be tailored to sneak past it.

Peter R. Breggin M.D. conducts a private practice of psychiatry in Ithaca , New York , where he treats adults, couples, and families with children. He also does consultations in the field of clinical psychopharmacology and often acts as a medical expert in criminal, malpractice and product liability suits. Before moving to Ithaca in November 2002, he was in practice for nearly thirty-five years in Washington , DC and Bethesda , Maryland . He has written dozens of scientific articles and many professional books, including Medication Madness: The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide and Crime (2008), and is on the editorial board of several journals. Dr. Breggin’s work has led to significant changes within the profession. The FDA’s recent recognition of numerous adverse reactions caused by the newer antidepressants — including suicidality in children and young adults, and a stimulant profile involving agitation, akathisia, hostility, aggression, and mania — closely follows observations made and publicized by Dr. Breggin over the past ten years.

In 2010 Dr. Breggin and his wife Ginger formed a new organization that continues their emphasis on bringing professional and laypersons together to share their concerns about the hazards of contemporary biological psychiatry while promoting more caring and empathic approaches to personal conflict and suffering. The new organization will sponsor an annual meeting each April in Syracuse, New York (

Dr. Breggin’s two most recent books are Brain-Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry: Drugs, Electroshock and the Psychopharmaceutical Complex (2008) and Medication Madness: A Psychiatrist Exposes the Dangers of Mind-Altering Drugs (July 2008).


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